We are Link Graf manufacturer of flat belts, endless coatings and high-performance round belts.




Christmas holiday:

Our winter closing takes place from 24.12.2021 until 31.12.2021!


Price adjustment as of January 1st, 2022

Since beginning of the year, the costs for our raw materials, semi-finished products and the energy have risen so much that we are unfortunately forced to increase our prices in January 2022.

Link GrafLetter price adjustment 2022


Many thanks for visiting us at Fachpack 2021!

It was a great pleasure to meeting you personally since a long time
and being able to share ideas and suggestions.

New logo - futuristic and natural at the same time

In 2021, we did gently redesign our logo. It now appears in an “iced” shade of green and unites the attributes of technology, science and nature equally. It is also gender-neutral, futuristic and still very close to nature.

We hope that you will recognize us in this new look and that you will further appreciate our quality and reliability.

Farewell on the autumn excursion 2021