Endless feeder belts FDA
are made of high quality natural rubber -
similar to LINATEX.

Guarantees a constant high friction,
and excellent resistance against abrasion.

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Sample Collection 11 - Feeder belts FDA

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Sample Collection 11
Feeder belts FDA

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Area of application:
Feeding and conveying
Rubber qualities: NR

This sample collection contains:
1x Crelast EC white
1x Crelast green
1x Crelast white
1x Crelast SE black / white
1x Crelast CR black / EC white
1x ECT 06 white
1x 525 spec. white
1x Silicone blue

More information
HEVALOID®-Feeder belts FDA are made of high quality natural rubber (NR white) – similar to LINATEX. These specially developed rubber qualities guarantee a constant high friction, an excellent resistance against abrasion and they are FDA approved!

The following approved belt types are used:
  • ECT 06/ ECG 06 - length-stable (NR rubber with Polyester fabric)
  • EC - fully elastic (NR rubber only)
  • CR/EC - elastic (Two-layer belt with NR rubber on top)
  • SE semi-elastic (with rhombic pattern)

For years, these truly endless belts convince customers in all kind of folder/gluer machines as well as in friction feeders used for food and drug applications.

The truly endless - no splice or seam - production results in very reliable, high flexible and perfect running belts.