Endless Haul-off belts "Caterpillar"
Haul-off belts for tubes and profiles

Very resistant against abrasion and the best coefficient of friction.

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Sample Collection 7 - Haul-off belts Caterpillar

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Sample Collection 7
Haul-off belts "Caterpillar"

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Area of application:
Our endless haul-off belts “Caterpillar” are especially needed and used for plastic extrusions.

This sample collection contains:
1x Haul-off belt "Caterpillar" HEVALOID® V 10902 blue
1x Haul-off belt "Caterpillar" HEVALOID® V 11095 black
1x Haul-off belt "Caterpillar" Poly-V-belt NR maroon 50 ShA
1x Haul-off belt "Caterpillar" Timing belt NR white FDA 40 ShA

More information
Haul-off belts "Caterpillar"

These endless haul-off belts "Caterpillar" are used in all kinds of extruders, e.g. in caterpillar haul-offs for pipes, hoses, profiles, etc.

Depending on the required pull-off force and wear resistance, a range of soft to very hard rubber qualities can be used (40 – 75 ShA).

We also coat your - timing and Poly-V belts endlessly - without seam or splice for the toughest demands and outstanding performance.