Endless tube winder belts blue/black
For tube winder machines

Very resistant against abrasion, antistatic.

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Sample Collection 6 - Tube winder belts blue/black

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Sample Collection 6
Tube winder belts blue/black

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Area of application:
Tube winders
Rubber qualities: CR, NBR

This sample collection contains:
1x HEVALOID® Type 535 TW
1x HEVALOID® Type 568 TW blue
1x HEVALOID® Type 585 TW
1x HEVALOID® Type 595 TW

More information
HEVALOID®-tube winder belts consist of an endless woven polyester carcass coated with synthetic rubber. These truly endless belts have been successfully used for years in tube winder machines.

The production of truly endless belts - no splice or seam - results in very length-stable, high flexible and high performing belts.

The black chloroprene rubber is very resistant against abrasion, antistatic and results in a high running time.
The blue nitrile rubber is specially designed for non-marking applications.

The HEVALOID®-quality guarantees you a precise tube winding, a reliable stable feed and extremely high running time.