Endless feeder belts
For high-performance feeders

For folder/gluer machines and letter sorting plants.

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Sample Collection 3 - Feeder belts

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Sample Collection 3
Feeder belts

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Area of application:
Feeding and conveying
Rubber qualities: NR

This sample collection contains:
1x Feeder belt EC red
1x Feeder belt EC white
1x Feeder belt EC maroon
1x Feeder belt ECT 06 red
1x Feeder belt ECG 06 red
1x Feeder belt ECT 06 red
1x Feeder belt CR black/EC red
1x Endless coating NR red on NE timing belt

More information
The endless feeder belts are made of high quality natural rubber (NR) – similar to LINATEX. These specially developed rubber quality guarantee a constant high friction and excellent resistance against abrasion.

The following approved belt types are used:

  • Hevaloid ECT 06/ ECG 06 - length-stable (NR rubber with Polyester carcass)
  • Crelast EC - fully elastic (NR rubber only)
  • Crelast CR/EC - elastic (Two-layer belt with NR rubber on top)

For years, these truly endless belts convince customers in all kind of folder/gluer machines as well as in letter sorting plants.

The truly endless - no splice or seam - production results in very reliable, high flexible and perfect running belts.