High-performance round belts "Conveyor"
For for industrial conveying systems

Extreme resistant against abrasion.

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Sample Collection 12 - Round belts Conveyor

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Sample Collection 12
Round belts "Conveyor"

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This sample collection contains:
RONDLAST PU clear 83 ShA (FDA)
RONDLAST PU orange 83 ShA (FDA)
RONDLAST PU clear blue 85 ShA (FDA)
RONDLAST PU clear red 85 ShA (FDA)
RONDLAST PU clear 85 ShA (FDA) - UV/Humidity
RONDLAST PU pearl white 92 ShA (FDA) - Cold -40 °C
RONDLAST PU green 88 ShA - rough
RONDLAST W PU clear 83 ShA (FDA) - twisted with self-crimp hook

More information
Round belts "Drive"

High-performance round belts for industrial conveying systems, i.e. food, papers and packaging. Proven in continuous operated (7/24) belt conveyors and transport systems.