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Sample Collection 1 - OVERVIEW - Flat belts, friction covers and coatings


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Sample Collection 1 OVERVIEW
Graf belts and endless coatings

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Area of application:
Power transmission, conveying and feeding
Rubber qualities: CR, NBR, EPDM, NR

This sample collection contains:
1x HEVALOID® Type 5005 spec. smooth/profiled
1x HEVALOID® Type 535
1x Feeder belt ECT 06 red
1x CRELAST® white (FDA), green and black
1x Friction covers EC red, EC maroon, Crelast blue
1x HEVALOID® Type 585 TW
1x Endless coatiung SI blue (FDA) on PU timing belt
1x RONDLAST® PU red 90 ShA (FDA)

More information
Truly endless belts are produced according a unique process, where no splice and no seam occurs! Furthermore, we have a very deep production density, which allows us a quick and flexible response according your specific demands.

The truly endless - no splice or seam - production results in very reliable, high flexible and perfect running belts.