1939   Werner Graf founds the “Dipl. Ing. Werner Graf” belt manufacturing company as a sole proprietorship in Zurich, Switzerland
1945   Anton Graf, brother of Werner Graf, purchases real estate on Buechenstrasse in Staad. The property, a former Link Graf bell foundry (1874-1940), housed a paint and dye factory from 1940-1953.



1952   Link Graf Registration of the trademark HEVALOID®.
1953   Werner Graf purchases the property in Staad from his brother.
1962   Construction of the western annexe, a production area for fabricating rubber coating and SOLUTUS belts.
1963   Construction of the “Durisol” workshop for rubber compounding (later used as a grinding/processing shop).
1972   Construction of the eastern annexe comprising a production hall for weaving mills and offices.
1977   Death of Werner Graf, the company’s founder.
1978   Company reformed as a limited company “Dipl.Ing. Werner Graf AG”, and acquired by co. Leder & CO. AG (today co. Ammeraal Beltech AG, Jona).
1979   Appointment of Mr. Heinrich Sieber as Managing Director.
1988   Sale of the company and transition to independence
1992   Installation of an environmentally-friendly steam boiler with gas burner.
1994   Installation of the long-desired goods and passenger lift.
1999   Reconstruction of the vulcanisation building.
2000   Heinrich Sieber retires. Edgar Seiz appointed new Managing Director.
2005   Demolition of the “Durisol” workshop and construction of new eastern annexe (two-floors) for grinding/processing and weaving mills.


2008   Installation of a sophisticated ventilation plant with process heat recovery
2009   Link Graf 70 year company anniversary
2011   Link Graf Opening of new cafeteria/classroom
2013   Link Graf 25-year anniversary «Independency Graf»
2014   Link Graf 75 year company anniversary
2017   Trademark RONDLAST® high-performance round belts
2019   Link Graf 80 year company anniversary
2020   Apprenticeship for a Mediamatician EFZ started
2021   Investment in a photovoltaic system and an electric car – for a more carbon neutral production
Werner Graf
Mr. Werner Graf
Mr. Heinrich Sieber
Managing Director
Herr Seiz
Mr. Edgar Seiz
Managing Director
since 2000